Cracked the Curation Code

What next?

Winifred J. Akpobi
1 min readMar 23, 2022


I’ve been writing and reading on Medium for almost two years now and all I can say is this platform has never been this fun.

Because everything makes sense when you’re having your work distributed and recognized by the board.

Up until now I had a low distribution rate, I even got a viral story get undistributed once. Presently, 90% of my work is curated, 10% being stories about Medium.

I write mostly about race, women, and feminism. I read about those topics as well. But I thought I cracked the code, I don’t think I did because the views are still minimal seeing how inconsistent I can be.

Moreover, ever since I started writing a certain way, I noticed a change in distribution levels. I embraced the style of writing and well, you can tell I’m going to keep writing like that because to me, it’s unique and recognizable.

I’d say own your writing style, be 100% consistent, interact heavily with your audience and other writers, read a lot and see how the app works for you.

I’m not big on writing advice, I’d rather joke about it because none of us really know what’s going on here, not even the wealthiest writer cracked the viral story code, but they did what they did.




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