Family Brutally Murdered Over £5 Million

The story of how the Chohan family was murdered and dumped at sea out of nothing but sheer greed.

Winifred J. Akpobi
8 min readOct 3, 2020


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It’s not a mystery that killings have taken place for a hundred or thousand paper bills; with these murderers who would do anything for money, there has been a surge in the last 40 years till now. All because of a deadly sin—greed.

By 2003, within the early months, the Chohan family ceased to exist, it was as though they were never on earth, to begin with. They left no clues whatsoever.

This mystery sped up the aggression to look for the missing family to discover the hideouts and why they had vanished. Little did they know.

The millionaire, Amarjit Chohan, and his wife, Nancy who usually talked to her brother, Onkar Verma every day from New Zealand suddenly stopped calling by late February and it left the brother in absolute worry.

It was bad enough that Nancy being a 25-year-old Punjabi lady married a man 21 years older than her. The family headed by a 46-year-old Chohan who raised two sons together with his wife and her mother, Charanjit Kaur, spiked fear in Nancy’s brother who kept waiting.

He had brainstormed why he stopped receiving calls from his sister and one thing bothered him the most.

On February 15th, Nancy told him that Amarjit hadn’t returned home from work and that his phone had been out of reach. She sounded reckless.

Nancy further explained that she had called Amarjit’s CIBA freight company and they said that he had gone on a “supposed” business trip due to an urgent business meeting in the Netherlands.

The information was heartbreaking to her, as she didn’t hear it directly from her husband. After much worrying, she got a voicemail message from Amarjit telling her that he would be back soon.

Her husband always sent messages in Punjabi, but this particular message was in English. In addition to it, him traveling to the Netherlands was insanely doubtful considering the fact that his passport was held by the UK government, he even applied for a residency permit.



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