Landing Writing Jobs Through Medium?

Ethical work portfolio is good, but live action is great

Winifred J. Akpobi
2 min readAug 5, 2022

Being a writer means constantly updating your portfolio the right way and, of course, meeting your deadlines.

The professional stuff matters but have you ever thought Medium could serve as a live résumé to seek writing jobs? Sometimes, small blogs and businesses just need a reliable person and this place is great for discovery.

When I was starting out here, I never understood the deal with having a niche or a particular writing style, or maybe just the “being you” thing top writers went on about. I guess, I do now.

Hundreds and thousands of people hop on here daily searching for lots of things; entertainment, knowledge, network, skills, and surely, talent!

I’ve written loads of stories and articles on Medium, some for fun, some I’d written because I felt strangely drawn to the topic, and some because I wanted to be heard and understood while looking for a group of people who found my content relatable.

I never thought I’d land a couple of magazine/blog writing jobs through this platform. Knowing how inconsistent I can be on Medium, surprise hits me every time I see a proposal email.



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