Landing Writing Jobs Through Medium?

Ethical work portfolio is good, but live action is great

Winifred J. Akpobi
2 min readAug 5, 2022


Being a writer means constantly updating your portfolio the right way and, of course, meeting your deadlines.

The professional stuff matters but have you ever thought Medium could serve as a live résumé to seek writing jobs? Sometimes, small blogs and businesses just need a reliable person and this place is great for discovery.

When I was starting out here, I never understood the deal with having a niche or a particular writing style, or maybe just the “being you” thing top writers went on about. I guess, I do now.

Hundreds and thousands of people hop on here daily searching for lots of things; entertainment, knowledge, network, skills, and surely, talent!

I’ve written loads of stories and articles on Medium, some for fun, some I’d written because I felt strangely drawn to the topic, and some because I wanted to be heard and understood while looking for a group of people who found my content relatable.

I never thought I’d land a couple of magazine/blog writing jobs through this platform. Knowing how inconsistent I can be on Medium, surprise hits me every time I see a proposal email.

Firstly, the thought of someone finding me and appreciating my work is a big deal, and then asking I work with them on a new project, is something every writer would feel grateful for.

Everyone could talk about how Medium’s algorithm sucks all year but one thing is for sure, this platform is a good place for discovery.

I know not everyone here is interested in pursuing a writing career, however, for the people who are, Medium is a great place to expand even if it might come as a shock.

Taking writing here seriously and focusing on a niche or two might just help you land the most interesting jobs ever.

This should serve as a push to keep going, keep learning, keep growing, because we never know what we might find along the way. At the end, it’s mostly about the journey. I’m willing to grow and learn from lots of people I meet along the way and help people grow as well.

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