The Pregnancy Scare: A Comical, Yet Horrific Phenomenon

Delving into the lives of young sexually active ladies

Winifred J. Akpobi
4 min readMar 24, 2022
Photo by Chayene Rafaela on Unsplash

How are you a virgin feeling pregnant just because you got a two-day late period? Having sexually active friends must rub off on you a lot! Month after month hearing them get the kit or complaining about the slight headache they started feeling 10 days after they got laid. It’s usually always negative though.

Yes, it’s overwhelming.

18 and finally getting laid must’ve caused a slight frisson in your chest, good or bad? Who cares?

The proud tingling awareness of finally feeling like a woman, feeling like you got everything under control. Nothing could go wrong… as long as you use protection.

At least that’s what you thought.

You’d be the girl who used condoms whatever the circumstances, vasectomy, contraceptives, or not. That was rule number 1 — stamped and posted in your mind.

How’s the “condom always” working out for you though?

One consented drunk raw sex and now the idea of condoms doesn’t ring a bell. Yeah, depending on the pull-out is the riskiest move you ever made. Not to talk about the risk of STDs and STIs, what were you thinking?

Everything will be fine.

You think to yourself 25 times a day, telling God how you’d never do it again if He spares you just this once. Comedic! Trying to negotiate with God, and even more, trying to defile the nature He created. Truly comical!

Everything will be fine.

You think of all the possibilities and shrug at the thought. Ignoring the voices in your head, only one thing can make sense at the moment; the period.

If the period fails you, the kit could never.

Fortunately, the period you hate so much, the period that brings you closer to God, making you beg Him for mercy and forgiveness, the period you despise so much feels like the everlasting love of your life once it finally comes.

Thank goodness! What would you have done if the period failed you?



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